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Learn the ins and outs of making product placement and brand integration partnerships work.

This course includes:
  • Full-Length Training Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • Infographics
  • Educational Material
  • Transcripts
  • Quizzes & Exams
  • eBook Guides
  • Course Certification
  • Case Studies
  • Mp3 Downloads
  • Unlock additional classes
  • And Even More! 


  1. The Differences Between Advertising, PR and Entertainment Marketing
  2. History of Product Placement And How Productions Can Become Better Brand Partners
  3. Realities of Paid Placement Today
  4. Why Product Placement Provides An Advertising Solution To TV Clutter
  5. Should The Business Behind Product Placement Be Kept Secret
  6. Four Reasons Why Productions Use Product Placement
  7. Four Common Product Placement Myths
  8. Entertainment Marketing Is A Long Game
  9. Ten Reasons For Product Placement
  10. How To Make Affordable Product Placement Magic Happen On Screen
  11. Top Ten Decision Makers On Set Who Need To Know Your Brand
  12. Seven Steps To Create A Product Placement Program
  13. Three Steps To Not Miss For Product Placement
  14. How Much Does Product Placement Cost
  15. Six Ways Brands Can Use Scary Content To Build Consumer Engagement
  16. Nine Reasons Why Programmatic Advertising Doesn't Work For Product Placement
  17. Get Consumers To Remember Your Brand Faster
  18. TV Pilots And Brand Partnerships
  19. How Brands Use Retro Product Placement For Branding
  20. Marketing to the Beat of Music Video Product Placement
  21. Nine Steps To Get Your Brand On A Talk Show
  22. Using Product Placement In Content For Baby Boomers
  23. Bonus Materials


Must-Have Celebrity Brand Marketing Course

  1. How Hollywood Celebrities Are Used For Global Endorsements
  2. Twelve Steps To Working With A Celebrity
  3. Creating Your Celebrity Endorsement Strategy
  4. The Secrets To Successful Celebrity Events
  5. Eight Steps To Inviting A Celebrity To Your Event And Saving Money
  6. How To Get Your Brand In Celebrity Swag Bags
  7. Seven Steps To A Celebrity Social Media Campaign
  8. Fifteen Steps For Celebrity Influencer Buy In
  9. Plus Get Certified!

Essential Social Media Influencer Marketing Course

  1. The Importance of Social Media Influencers And Their Impact On A Brand
  2. How To Launch An Influencer Marketing Campaign That Works
  3. A Six Step Guide For Brands To Work With Social Influencers
  4. How to Secure The Right Social Influencer For Your Brand
  5. How Social Influencers Make Money
  6. The Risks And Costs Of Social Influencer Marketing
  7. Do You Want To Hire A Celebrity Or A Celebrity Influencer?
  8. Three Reasons Micro Influencer Get Better Engagement
  9. Repurposing Content From Social Influencer Campaigns
  10. How Influencers Buy Fake Followers And Why Brands Should Care
  11. Finding Out If Your Influencer Has Fake Followers
  12. An Eight Step Guide On How Much To Spend On Social Influencer Marketing
  13. Bonus Social Media Influencer Marketing Materials
  14. Plus Get Certified!

Must-Have Celebrity Brand Marketing Course

  1. Branding In The New Now Panel
  2. MCP Speaker Panel
  3. Creating Your Own Content
      70 Presentations
      34 Q&A Sessionss
  4. Partnering Your Brand With Pop Culture
      21 Presentations

      12 Q&A Sessions
  5. Advertising Your Content
      15 Presentations

      10 Q&A Sessions


The Importance Of This Course

Being featured in movies and on TV can bring a brand great exposure—Reeses Pieces saw a 65% sales increase in the two weeks following the release of ET. Product Placement can be a subtle way for brands to target audiences, build awareness, increase engagement, and create trust. Get ready to take your brand to the big screen!

Who This Course If For

This Product Placement + Brand Integration course is tailored for brand owners, marketers as well as their agencies, and students on the marketing pathway.

What You Will Learn

When you enroll in our Essential Product Placement and Brand Integration Marketing School, you will learn how to navigate the realities of the product placement industry.This course will make it easy for you to avoid common marketing mistakes that will waste your time and money, and affect the overall success of your campaigns. Enroll now to learn the best marketing practices that CEO, Stacy Jones, has acquired from being in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years.

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