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There Is No Comparable Course Available - Online Or In The Classroom - With This Much Real-World How-To Experience Provided To You!

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This is the most comprehensive online course about building brand awareness and measureable cost-effective marketing through Celebrities & Influencers.

What You'll Learn

- How Influencer Marketing and Celebrity Endorsement deals work

- The best - and most affordable ways - to create Influencer Marketing strategies

- How to avoid marketing mistakes and know where the pitfalls may be before you get there

- Identify new marketing channels for your brand, and what success should look like

- Determine the components of a well-defined Influencer Marketing strategy, and how it can influence the overall brand strategy

- Figure out what budgets are needed to create effective campaigns

And So Much More!!

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To Hollywood Branded's Influencer Marketing School

Get ready to learn and advance your influencer marketing game! We created these courses specifically for brand marketers, as well as those planning on working for brands and their agencies, to provide insight into how influencer marketing strategies work, and the best practices and strategies to make them do so.

A Message From The Creator Of This Course Program

Over twenty years ago I began my journey in content marketing, first working on product placement partnerships in films and TV shows, then creating more robust branded content partnerships, with brands playing a larger role in third party content, and ultimately leading to helping brands produce and distribute their own branded content, crafting storytelling to share the brand’s messaging to an actively engaged audience.

Along the way, my brand partnership deals with content led to celebrity endorsement partnerships, where I worked with brands to match make them with celebrities who would appear in the brand’s advertising media or as a face in the brand’s retail marketing setting, or even onto the brand packaging itself, to enable the brand to stand out from competition, and leverage that celebrity’s own fan base into becoming more aware of – and interested in – that brand.

Celebrity endorsement brand partnerships led to the current marketing practice of Influencer Marketing, and I and my team at Hollywood Branded have been on the front row of not only watching this industry trend come to life, but playing an active daily role in guiding and working with brands and influencers to create the most beneficial partnerships possible for both parties. Let us help you take your influencer partnership skills to the next level!


Who This Course Series Will Help

(We Guarantee It)

If you own or work for a brand or agency, I truly believe understanding how influencer marketing works is an absolute game changer for the brands you work with. This is not a marketing and advertising strategy that is going to go away. It's here to stay for the next decade or more, while more traditional advertising starts to fade away and evolve into some other form of marketing.

Consumers are not resonating with traditional forms of advertising any longer. It's why so many brands are running around trying to find a way to get their brand in front of potential consumers, and to find a way to make their messaging stick. And influencer marketing, while it is still evolving, is that answer.

So if you are an...

- Agency Marketer who wants to hone your own skills for continued growth.

- Brand Owner, Executive or Manager who isn't quite ready to hire an agency to help, but wants to jump-start their brand's influencer marketing program.

- Student preparing for jobs after college in the PR, media and creative agency or influencer and entertainment industry.

- Brand Marketer who wants a solid foundation to truly understand what programs offer the best ROI for their goals, what to budget for, and what to expect in return.

Then this course is for you!




Features You'll Want to Take Advantage Of

  • Short, easy-to-take-action-on content, with each lesson providing in under 20 minutes exactly how you can master that specific strategy.
  • Bulleted How-To lists for every strategy discussed.
  • Get hours of our updated MP3 audio's with full transcripts.Receive bite size, easy action marketing recaps as downloadable infographics.
  • Receive eBook guides help you put these marketing practices in place for your brand partnerships.
  • Access to detailed case studies to industry best practices & learn what other brands are doing.
  • Every lesson is animated with downloadable slide decks to keep the education interesting and fast paced!
  • Get a massive amount of Full HD video streamed in 1080p.
  • Even more content is coming! We publish new content frequently, and as this course expands in the future you will get all the upgraded content for free.

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Stacy Jones, the CEO and founder of Hollywood Branded, a Los Angeles influencer and entertainment marketing consultancy, has over twenty years of leadership experience building global branding campaigns for top Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of brands. Acknowledged as an expert in the field, she has appeared on CNN and MSNBC, France’s 50’Inside and Canal LeTube; spoken at conferences around the globe from Germany to Beijing; and been featured in media outlets including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Business of Fashion, Advertising Age, and numerous additional media outlets.

Learn from her 20 plus years of experience as she shares top notched advice on marketing best practices for brands and walks you through how to better leverage influencers, celebrities and entertainment content partnerships to increase your ability to improve brand partnerships, consumer engagement and sales.

"This is an excellent course — definitely worth checking out! It's amazing how much I learned, and it's set up in a really professional environment. Influencer marketing is one of the key ways we market our wine, and I have an incredible action-plan of takeaways from this course. Stacy makes it really easy to understand!"

- Sherrijon Gaspard, CEO, Vina Sympatica Sparkling Wines


What The Class Provides

These classes provide knowledge and solutions to address common advertising challenges for brand managers, including how to:

  • Stand out in a saturated market
  • Increase consumer recall and awareness
  • Start social media conversation
  • Introduce new products
  • Increase sales with a new demographic
  • Build brand reputation
  • Heighten market share perception
  • Drive revenue
  • Increase website traffic
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Update brand image
  • Provide investor interest
  • Highlight product quality
  • Influence consideration

& So Much More...

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The Importance Of This Course

The marketing practice of leveraging influencers to impact their own fan base with content they have created will continue to evolve and grow in the years ahead, as it becomes even more so of a required marketing strategy and brand awareness building block for every brand. All of these forms of influencer marketing – product placement, celebrity endorsement, and social influencers - offer brands a tremendous opportunity to target niche audiences to build awareness, engagement and trust.

However, inflencer marketing is in general hampered in large part due to the lack of standardized communication practices and pricing strategies, the need to be open to creative decision making, and the inaccurate expectation that influencer marketing will immediately result in sales.

This Class Series Will Provide You With The Foundation

To Truly Know How To Make Campaigns Successful For The Brand Partner

"I just took the intro course and I can’t wait to take it another level … I’m signing up for the advanced class!There was so much information about working with influencers and celebrities – something that I know is going to make a major impact on how we market @stikamis!!"

- Christel Chaunsumlit, Founder, @stickamis


Get ready to take your Influencer Marketing game to the next level!

  • Introduction To Influencer Marketing
  • 6 Classes
  • 6 Social Infuencer Classes
  • -
  • Videos
  • Video Transcripts
  • Slide Downloads
  • MP3 Audio Downloads
  • Case Studies
  • Animated Videos
  • E-Books
  • Quizzes

  • Comprehensive Influencer Marketing
  • 14 Classes
  • 8 Social Influencer Classes
  • 6 Celebrity Influencer Classes
  • Videos
  • Video Transcripts
  • Slide Downloads
  • MP3 Audio Downloads
  • Case Studies
  • Animated Videos
  • E-Books
  • Graded Quizzes
  • Exams
  • Facebook Group
  • Certified Influencer Marketing Social Badge

  • Advanced Influencer Marketing
  • 22 Classes
  • 12 Social Influencer Classes
  • 10 Celebrity Influencer Courses
  • Videos
  • Video Transcripts
  • Slide Downloads
  • MP3 Audio Downloads
  • Case Studies
  • Animated Videos
  • E-Books
  • Graded Quizzes
  • Exams
  • Facebook Group
  • Certified Adv. Influencer Marketing Social Badge
  • Certificate Of Completion
  • Monthly Group Call (3 Months)
  • One x One Q&A & Emails


The Guarantee

My guarantee to you is that this class series will provide you unparalled insights and strategies to influencer marketing that will take your marketing game to the next level, making you better equipped to deploy these strategies, and make you much more marketable in your current, or future, employment.


Who This Course Is For

Our Influencer & Content Marketing School is for brand owners, marketers and their agencies, and students on the pathway to become marketers, to learn my agency's insider tricks and tips to making influencers and entertainment content marketing work for their own brands.

I want to make it easy for you to understand the best marketing practices I've learned from my own years of being in business - and avoid making marketing mistakes that will waste your time, money and overall success of the partnership.

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What You Will Learn

When you enroll in Hollywood Branded’s Influencer Marketing School, you will learn the ins and outs of making Influencer and Content Marketing work for your brand.

Included in this program are full length videos, each with actionable steps to take for success within the specific strategy being discussed, transcripts, infographics, eBook guides, case studies, survey research on the industry, audio downloads, animated videos, so much more additional educational material. Each topic is accompanied by quizzes to test your knowledge and make sure you have a rock-solid foundation of understanding.

This program even provides you with the pathway to become a certified influencer marketer by Hollywood Branded, a certification process we formerly only offered to our agency team members.

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Plus Bonus Pack

- Access our tailored influencer marketing quizzes and exams.

- Earn influencer digital badges that can be used to recognize your achievement, from passing each influencer marketing class to completing the full training course.

- Enjoy the one-click sharing to social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

- Unlock the monthly group call exclusive with Stacy Jones for premium members

- Access Hollywood Branded's Facebook group exclusive for premium members

- Get a premium license to our upcoming influencer marketing calculator.

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Please join me and learn from my 20 years of experience as I personally share my insights and advice on influencer marketing best practices for brands, and walk you through how to leverage entertainment content, celebrities and social influencers as a marketing strategy to increase a brand’s overall consumer engagement and, most importantly, brand sales.

I am so proud of the course work we have designed for you, and I look forward to helping you learn from Hollywood Branded’s Influencer and Content Marketing School, and assisting you in making these strategies work for you!


Become A Certified Influencer Marketer

- Access our tailored influencer marketing quizzes and exercises

- Earn influencer digital badges that can be used to recognize your achievement, from passing the influencer marketing class to completing a training course.

- Enjoy the one-click sharing to social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

- Unlock the monthly group call with Stacy Jones

- Access Hollywood Branded Facebook group exclusive for premium members

- Get a premium license of our upcoming influencer marketing calculator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 48 hours and we will give you a refund, please take note that there will be a $10 charge for the processing fee.

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About Hollywood Branded

Founded in 2007, Hollywood Branded has been at the forefront of influencer marketing. We are influencer and entertainment marketing experts that create opportunities for brands to gain exposure and engagement through the content your desired consumer interacts with.

Brand partnerships are created with social influencers, celebrities, television, film, music content and celebrity driven events.

Branded content strategies include influencer partnerships, brand integration, product placement, celebrity endorsements and event activation - services which have helped build engagement and awareness for brands like BlackBerry, Bumble, Canadian Club, Crayola, Pilot Pen and White Cloud.



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